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Haro Bicycles

BMX — A Movement

In the recently published book Haro Bikes — The Rise of BMX Freestyle, Bob Haro said in his forward "My vision for my fledgling company in the late 70's was pure and simple-to have fun, ride my bike and to make the coolest BMX products I could... and possibly make a living out of doing what I loved."

Through the early 1980's, Bob Haro had led the BMX Freestyle movement onto its path to global recognition, with a series of innovative and progressive new concepts. The company's transformation from that of a design focused frame and accessories brand, to full-scale bike manufacturer, had taken just 2 years and the result would deliver the most exciting Freestyle bikes of the era.

New Standards

The 1985 Haro Sport, Master and FST would become a statement of intent. New standards in geometry and promotion delivered a series of unique features that recognized the direction of the sport and the needs of the riders. Today if you talked to one of the Haro team riders they might tell you the very same thing. I do it for the fun, I do it for the love, I do it on a Haro.

Maintaining the number one position in BMX isn't easy but cutting edge products with a lineage approaching nearly 4 decades makes it all worthwhile. Whether it's Ryan Nyquist pulling a 540 double barspin and ending up on the top of the podium or Dennis Enarson pulling off a mind blowing video session, the motivation to ride is all the same; fun, love, and good times.

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